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vice canada

Emily Kai Bock is a rising star in the Montreal film scene. Already renowned for her work on the Grimes 'Oblivion' video, as well as Majical Cloudz' 'Childhoods End,' Kai Bock has gained commercial success but still retains her own unique directorial character. Vice Canada, in their ongoing series 'Canada's New Cinema,' interviewed Kai Block and were taken around Mile End to discover Montreal and its creative culture. Check out the video to get a glimpse of the normally unseen creative processes of a prominent Montreal artist and filmmaker.

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After any solid thirsty night, the morning after (or more realistically:early afternoon) can be a struggle of an experience. Tired, hungry, and more than a little dehydrated, you pick yourself up and drag your ass to work. Or, if you have the day off or are (thankfully) not a normal 9-5er, you call up a few friends for a rejuvenating brunch to set your Friday right. To chill out and expunge all hangover woes, 'Place Milton' is the perfect place to be.

Nestled in between St. Famille and Jeanne Mance, on Milton (duh), Place Milton is a simple diner/brunch spot to appease your hungry-hangover woes. Offsetting your rather large bar tab, Place Milton's menu is very affordable. Delicious proteins and carbs are abound in most of the dishes to soak up all that leftover alcohol and biuld your liver back up to strength. The coffee is only a $1 charge on all brunch meals. Thats what we call a hangover cure trifecta.

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