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viger square

Photo cred - xddorox

Anonymous, the infamous hacktivist group, has begun a new Montreal-based movement that is a direct response to the actions taken by the SPVM. On January 7th, the Montreal police force bulldozed a homeless camp in Viger Square supposedly set up by Anonymous that was created to shelter itinerants against the extreme cold. Furious with the "heartless" action taken by the SPVM, Anonymous has created the OpSafeWinter movement.

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Richard Bergeron really wants Viger Square to get a face lift. The Ville-Marie city councilor and Projet Montreal leader spoke at length of his plan to revitalize the area, as reported by Journal Métro.

Remodeling will be focused on the area between Sanguinet and Hotel de Ville, and is set to be completed by 2017, for Montreal's 375th anniversary. Add this to the long list of projects already set for Montreal's much-anticipated birthday.

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