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Photo Cred - Benoit Vermette

Montreal is always bumping with wicked events to keep things spicy. From Igloofest to after-hours, life in this city seems to operate on the motto "work hard, play harder." For those nights where you've got the itch to get down but your favorite headliner isn't in town, there's always a wild weekly event to hit up with your crew.

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Photo cred - Bianca DesJardins

Alright so Montreal, the "Été Indien" is here right on time for the week end! How perfect is that? We are all sad to see the summer go but look at the bright side of things...Well there's not really a bright side since it's starting to get dark super early. This only means you can start partying earlier! Here's what we put together for you to do this week end;

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Melting Pot is the place to be at Just for Laughs in Place des Arts, a first-time festival venue hosting a bunch of sweet musical acts and shows. But, if you had to check out one Melting Pot show, it'd be this Sunday's, because Montreal legend Vilify will be taking the stage, and the whole thing is free of charge.

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Mid-April, the sun is finally shining, and it's time to lock yourself up and hit the books? Hell no, exams don't start till next week, and tonight is still a Friday and tomorrow night is, yeah you guessed right, still a Saturday. So while you may be a bit concerned about getting an early start on your microeconomics studying, you should probably put it off and treat yourself to one last rager. So round up the boys and the girls, a solid stack of dixie cups, the pong balls and of course the tunes. With so many Montreal-made party tracks, it would be a sin not to go for one more night out. Whatever your style of pre-drink, we've got you covered.

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Why hello again week-end fun, we thought you would never come! Spring has officially begun but still hasn't sprung. Anytime now Spring, anytime... We'll you know what they say: "Good things come to those to wait" which would mean that when it decides to come - it'll be EPIC. We all know that it's worth the wait. So in the mean time guys, put on that coat or that really cool MTL Blog tuque...and head out because there's LOADS to do this weekend! Ain't nobody got time for moping around about the weather. Besides, you should know by now, Montreal knows how to keep things heated up even in the coldest nights. As usual, we got you covered on where it's happening:

Thursday, March 27th

RAC's Strangers tour at the Corona Theatre  The american music group RAC (Remix Artist Collective) create re-interpretative electro/funk/rock/dance/indie remixes of a diversity of popular songs. They don't just play the songs...they perform them as a live band! This is something you DEFINITELY a show don't want to miss. They just released their first album called Strangers and are about to BLOW UP. (It's a really decent price too) View event>

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Photo cred - Adrian Villagomez

The biggest birthday jam Montreal has ever seen will be thrown this Wednesday, and we're not over-hyping when we say its going to be epic beyond comprehension. Montreal's favourite weekly event, Bass Drive Wednesdays, is turning five, and it's the bday of beloved resident DJ Vilify too, so this anniversary party will be double the fun and all of the awesome.

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This wonderful city always has something going on for you guys...and this week-end is the beginning of Montreal en Lumière!! One of the largest winter festivals in the world gathering about 9000,000 people a year. We just can't stop - won't stop having fun here. There are tons of activities to explore from music, food, arts and culture, or even just outdoor fun. If you are not sure what to do, lucky for you we have already broken down the top 10 things to do here. Well, the "Nuit Blanche" isn't until next week and we love to stay up all night. So, no worries, here's a few suggestions that will definitely light up your week-end right:

Thursday, Feb. 20th

Spend a laid back chill night at Korova Bar with some jammin' Motown, Rock and Soul- always a good time! 5$ pints!! Bring some change, when you'll have enough to drink, you'll end up in that photo booth. Trust. DJ Earl grey tonight. View event>

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Third week-end of Igloofest 2014 already in guys! Are you as pumped as we are?! So much to do in this city - not enough time. Here are a few suggestions for you this week-end to warm up from this freezing weather.

Thursday, Jan. 30th

Our usual! After Ski Thursdays will be bumping at L'Ecurie. View event>

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As Canadians, we definitely know how to brave the winter time. I mean, sure, we like to complain a lot about it too, but we also recognize that the world doesn’t end because of snow, ice, hail, rain, and a polar vortex. Especially when Igloofest is right around the corner. 

Each year, electronic music fans from around the world brave the Montreal winter throughout January and February to watch emerging artists and worldwide renowned names in the industry perform under the stars.

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This is where you should park your ass this weekend.

Friday Nov 15

Get some style inspiration and support local fashion at LaSalle College’s Capital Chronicles Fashion Show. view event>

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