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village d antan

Are you brave enough to wander through an entire haunted village? This spine-chilling fall experience only one hour from Montreal is not for the emotionally fragile. You have been warned!

Starting September 30, Drummondville's historic Village d'Antan will transform into your worst nightmare, complete with roaming, bloody creatures, a sinister soundtrack and creepy dim lighting.

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Drummondville — yes, Drummondville — is, perhaps, the unlikely heart of holiday cheer in Quebec. That's where you'll find the Village d'Antan, a living museum of 19th and 20th-century life, which transforms into a 25,000-light Christmas display every year.

Visitors are free to explore the festive streetscapes and enjoy some treats along the way from the old-timey general store and donut shop. A promo video shows street performers and roadside activities, too.

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