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I've notice a few of these "abandoned bikes" around the Plateau Mont-Royal this summer. When you see one, you don't think much of it. Someone didn't want the bike anymore and throwing it out or selling it takes a lot more effort than just leaving it somewhere. But then I saw another one and another one, each one was at a different stage of "decay" but this one was by far the most advanced. In fact, you can barely see it anymore. Another bike a few feet away barely had a few leaves growing at the base of its wheels.

Sure it looks all pretty now that it's covered in vines and purple flowers, but what about when it starts rusting? You'll get a nice big rusty stain on the sidewalk. And let's hope someone removes it before the rust starts pouring all over the fence and into the soil below.

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Add one part bro, three dashes of nature documentary references, a cup of slapstick, and a few dashes of weirded out strangers and you have the recipe for the best personal vine compilation on the interwebs, otherwise known as Logan Paul. Not afraid to get in everyone's faces (from white girls to random black guys) Logan Paul's vines are witty, silly, and altogether hilarious. Plus, he isn't afraid to take off his shirt and show off some abs + pecs. Watch and enjoy Montreal.