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vineyards in quebec

An atypical architectural jewel — complete with a watchtower and one million square feet of land — could be yours for $1.49 million.

Located in the Charlevoix region, 10 minutes outside the charming town of Baie-Saint-Paul, the large piece of property comes with houses, farm buildings and everything else you’ll need to start a thriving business or your own homestead, far away from the city and other humans.

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Even though it may seem so very far away, the warm weather is coming back...eventually. And when the sun's life-giving rays once again shine down upon the province, no doubt many of you will be grabbing a bottle of wine to go chill in the park.

Great, I love wine-in-the-park too. But how about we step it up a little this summer and relish in the combination that is nature and wine, as God truly intended? And you don't even need to venture very far to partake in a wine-centric journey.

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