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It's apple picking season, at the moment, but cherry poppin' is all year round. Whether you swiped your v-card way back when, or still have it tucked away doesn't really matter. Odds are you've had these questions roaming your mind at one point. You can either think back fondly to that period of your life or feel reassured that you're not the only one. Because, truth is, you're not. There is no shame in being a virgin. However, there will be some shame if my mother reads this article. Hi mom.

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Losing your virginity is either fantasized as being a magical and romantic moment, or just ends up being a very sloppy (and probably a little awkward) affair. Elizabeth Raine, a 27-year-old medical student wants neither situation and is online-auctioning off her virginity for enough money to pay for med school tuition.

Describing herself as "a sensually stunning, highly educated, and charismatic American woman" Raine (not her real name) apparently has no warm and fuzzy feelings about her virginity. She actually said her "virginity has absolutely no meaning" and think she may as well make a few bucks out of it.

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