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walking tour

Halloween is creeping ever closer, friends, and you know what that means.

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It's that time of the year again, friends. When the air gets colder, the leaves get more orange, and the Halloween vibes come out to play. (Or... Spook? Haunt? I don't know. Something scary.)

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Photo Cred - Katie Jejune

For a significant portion of Montrealers, their family isn't originally from the 514 region. When your parents do come to town, it can a panic-ridden time of trying to decide exactly where to take them so that they can have the best possible experience of Montreal, while simultaneously giving off the right impression of how your life in the big city is going.

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Photo cred - Matias Garabedian

Finding things to do in Montreal during the summer (free or otherwise) isn't a very difficult task. If anything, there's too much to do. Well, we're adding one more thing to the list, because we caught wind of Lachine Canal audio tours, that are  educational and (most importantly) entirely free.

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