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Alright, show of hands: who here is totally obsessed with Harry Potter? Raise your hands incredibly high, my Harry Potter obsessed friends. There's no shame in loving something awesome.

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Montreal during the spring and summer is a truly magical place. The frigid constraints of winter have finally faded away, and the city blossoms in almost every way possible. Right about now, when it starts to warm up a bit, Montrealers flood the streets, looking to have as much fun as possible before mother nature forces them back inside for another six months.

Biking is one of those outdoor activities that Montreal truly embraces come summer time… yeah yeah, I know some of y’all bike in the winter as well, and much respect to ya, but it’s just not the same. So whether you’re a spandex laden racing addict, a fixie head, or just a flaneur like me who likes to get lost on your bike from time to time, read on and check out five of the best routes in the city.

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