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where to get poutine in montreal

With COVID-19 restrictions largely scaled back, the arrival of summer in Montreal means the city will slowly but surely be filled with tourists from all over. While things can get busy, it's the perfect time of year for visitors to take in all that the 514 has to offer, that is if you plan your trip right.

While tourism gives the city a special spark, there are a few common mistakes that visitors to Montreal tend to make that we wish they knew beforehand. So, maybe don't make these errors on your next visit...Either way, bienvenue à Montréal.

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With spring literally right around the corner, and the weather finally looking up, there's no better time to dive into some much-needed comfort food to get your soul (and stomach) ready for the season.

Luckily, Montreal is home to countless restaurants that do comfort food just right! So whether you're looking to get your grub on with some mac n' cheese, or want a mouthwatering burger, these are the best spots to try out.

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If there's one common link between all Montrealers, it's a love for poutine. No matter who you meet in this city, hands-down, they're going to have at least some affection for the iconic combo of fries, curds, and gravy. With that in mind, even if you ask out a stranger for a date, poutine makes for a high-success-rate-theme.

Being in Montreal, however, you could pretty much go anywhere for poutine, but not all restaurants are really suited for a night out with your SO. A poutine date spot should reflect the personality or interests of the person you're going out with, and not be just a Belle Province.

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At this stage in the game, I'm sure we all know that poutine is life. It's kind of obvious just how amazing Montreal's most iconic meal truly is - but there's just something about those crispy fries, that thick, savoury sauce, and those fresh, squeaky cheese curds that make this dish unlike anything else.

In fact, I'm betting it's pretty safe to say that there's no such thing as a bad poutine. Sure, you can have one in particular you like more than others... but every poutine is beautiful in its own way. And when a poutine costs $1? Well, that pretty much elevates its status from "beautiful" to "awe-inspiring."

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