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Winter is in full effect here in Montreal but that doesn’t mean that you should stay at home bundled up like a little burrito. On the contrary, we live in Montreal which means that there is something happening every single night. Yeah it might be cold out but there are a lot of events happening this month... one of which combines some fineeee whiskey, local beer and some seriously delicious food! Oh, and did I mention live shows and good music to keep you partying all night?

If there ever was a drink to keep you warm during the cold winter months, it's alcohol! And what's better than alcohol, well drinking and socializing with your friends of course!

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Let's face it. These bars don't actually prepare the whiskey on site, and if they did you probably wouldn't want to try it. Unless you're the adventurous type.

So pretty much what makes a great whiskey bar is the atmosphere and the selection. We contacted every whiskey aficionado we knew to ask them what their recommendations were and they did not disappoint.

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Photo cred - alexanderdavidrossphotography

Drinkers of Montreal (so everyone) get your wine and whiskey glasses ready, because your two favourite W's are coming out in full force this weekend at Place Bonvanture thanks to La Grande Dégustation de Montréal, a two day festival all about drinking culture.

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Photo cred - Jim Wilson for the NY TImes

Whiskey has reached new levels of popularity in the last few years, and the trend has definitely been felt in Montreal. Maybe its the inherent manliness to drinking a glass of scotch, or the hipster cred to knowing things about whiskey, but whatever the reason, Montreal digs scotch, bourbon, rye, or whatever type of whiskey as much as any other city. But we do fall short in one respect to whiskey: Montreal doesn't have a whiskey library.

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Nothing beats the beautiful pairing of beer and whiskey. The two go hand in hand, and we're not just talking about double-fisting a shot and a brew. The two have an intertwined drinking culture of brewing methods, music, and a love for quality creations, all of which will be celebrated at La Cuvée, the first-ever winter whiskey and beer festival in Montreal.

In collaboration with MTL En Lumiere and Whiskey Montreal, this is the second edition of La Cuvée. Whiskey is definitely a winter drink, so the switch makes perfect sense, and you'll be able to warm up with some finely crafted whiskey (and beer) at the end of the month, all from local Quebec breweries.

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Whiskey has made a return in the drinking world, in a big way. Maybe Mad Men is to blame, or Damages, but either way, young and old folks alike are sippin' on dat scotch. Or was it rye that you're drinking? Or Irish whiskey? What the hell is the difference anyway?

Many different types of whiskey exist, and its hard to keep track, so don't feel bad if you're lost in the Whiskey world. Chances are, most of your whiskey drinking pals are right their with you. To make sure you don't look like a poser, here is everything you need to know about whiskey to look cool.

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