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Being in tune with our bodies is important for many reasons. It's how we get in touch with our feelings, decipher our wants and determine our needs both physically and mentally.

The intuition that comes with knowing your body — what's normal and what's not — can be life-saving. Canadian beach volleyball player, Grant O'Gorman, knows this better than most.

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When you meet a new person, you often find yourself wondering - is he/she "the one"? It's absolutely normal to ask yourself this question. We meet so many people in our lives, yet very few actually touch us on a deeper level.

In 1822, Samuel Taylor Coleridge said: “To be happy in married life… you must have a soulmate,” and it has irrevocably started the "trend" of looking for a lover who can complete us in a mystic way. So what does it feel like when you meet your soulmate?

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Many girls complain that it's hard to meet decent guys nowadays. This quiz will help you find out whether you are your own problem. Possibly, you're the one standing in the way of your happiness without even realizing it. So, what vibe do you project: wifey material or one night stand? Take this quiz and find out right now.


You've definitely seen the headlines floating around everywhere about the Ashley Madison infidelity website being hacked. The resulting public outcry made everyone realize just how many people are registered on the site. Yes, it appears many of us are unfaithful bastards cruising for some strange on the internet, and the problem might be bigger than you think. At least for the rest of Canada.

According to Ashley Madison, Montreal ranked #9 on their top 10 list of Canadian cities with the highest rates of infidelity. That's actually not that bad if you think about it. That means that in the grant scheme of things, we're actually a pretty faithful city.

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Photo cred - StellaLopez

It seems as though Craigslist isn't the only website with unusual job listings. You may remember some of the weird things we've found on there in the past. There was the $100 a day job to be a nudist housekeeper, the $1500 a day job to dress up like a sexy superhero and of course the 13 others we've found.

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A very surprised Reddit user throwwwwaway29's husband apparently is sick and tired with the lack of sex she has been providing him over the last month.

In a hilarious twist, she received and email from him which contained a very detailed Microsoft Excel spreadsheet where he documented each and every time she has refused or denied him sex as well as the excuse she gave him.

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Mike Allebach shooting out of Philadelphia is a wedding photographer that likes to mix things up a little.

He recently took on a very unique and beautiful project called "Tatooed Brides" where he essentially shot the weddings of couples that were colorfully decorated in wonderful body art.

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Photo above - 1991

The year was 1991 and photographer Zed Nelson decided to ask his friend and friend's pregnant wife if he could include them in a family portrait series that would span a lifetime.

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People now a days can barely remain married/boyfriend girlfriend for 61 weeks let alone 61 years. So when grandaughter Lauren Wells decided to organize a very special 61st anniversary present for her grandparents using the skills of photographer Cambria Grace to recreate scenes from the Pixar movie "UP" they couldn't help but say yes to the idea.

Take a look below for more pictures from the amazingly loving photoshoot.