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When winter hits, Montrealers love nothing more than to escape the harsh weather with a cozy weekend getaway in Quebec

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The STM is working hard to get their network fully connected and this morning, 3 news stations were added to the list. 

Now more than 50% of Montreal metro's network has mobile connectivity. Not just in the cars, but in the tunnels and stations as well. 

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It's official, you can now use your cellphone in at least half of Montreal's STM Metro network.

The project which started in 2014 is going strong, and as of yesterday 34 out of 68 stations are connected to the new LTE network. 

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Yesterday, the city of Montrealannounced that they are going to be expanding the free Wi-Fi network in more parts of the city, starting with the tourist areas. 

The city is planning on installing more Wi-Fi stations around the the city and boosting the power of the existing ones. 

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Updated Info: This Is Montreal's All-New "Free Wi-Fi Map", And How To Connect To It

Two years ago, Montreal first announced plans to deploy free city wide Wi-Fi coverage and it the plan will be taking a big step this summer. 

As of now the Free Wi-Fi network can be accessed in the Old Port of Montreal as well as the area surrounding the Palais des Congres. 

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Montrealers have a reputation for being nice, and every once in awhile we live up to that reputation.

One Montrealer wanted to help out the rest of us by figuring out every single space in the city that offers free WiFi and plugs to charge your laptop .

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Pokémon GO is creating a whole bunch of new problems users didn't have to think about before.

Don't get me wrong, people have always been complaining about how crappy smart phone batteries are. But plugs (lol, "butt plugs") are everywhere and portable power sources don't cost a lot of money, so that's not really a big issue.

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I have great news for all of you who have nothing better to do in the metro besides staring blankly at your own reflection in the window while trying not to make eye contact with people.

The Lucien-L'Allier and Georges-Vanier stations just got plugged into the STM mobile network.

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Finally a bit of good news for anyone who rides the orange metro line. In the next couple of months you'll be able to access the STM's 3G, 4G and 4G LTE internet networks from any station between Sherbrooke and Cote-Vertu.

The president of the STM announced Monday that this project should be completed by the start of 2016 so there's only a couple of months left as long as everything goes according to plan. And why wouldn't it? Everyone knows things get done on time and under budget here in Montreal. Okay so I may be a bit skeptical, but still, at least we know we'll have a proper internet connection in the metro eventually.

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Montreal's Taxi Hocehlaga has drummed up an all new plan to make themselves more competitive against other companies like Uber. By 2019 they're planning to have 2,000 electric taxis on the road, which in itself is pretty awesome, but on top of that, they're going to be equipped with free Wi-Fi.

Taxi Hochelaga was recently purchased by a company owned by Alexandre Taillefer (one of the "dragons" on the French version of Dragon's Den). He's hoping that the Wi-Fi and "green" car combo will give them an edge over other cab companies, but mainly over Uber.

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Sainte-Catherine street is about to get one hell of a makeover as part of Mayor Denis Coderre's plan to revitalize the city. On May 6th, the Coderre Administration announced a plan they call "Montréal, ville intelligente et numérique" 2015-2017 which includes plans to provide free Wi-Fi all over the city.

It seems like the first steps of the project are already in the works because yesterday (May 13th) Mayor Coderre said he wants to install widened,  heated sidewalks that can easily be converted to accommodate cars, pedestrians, and even food trucks, depending on the weather.

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Photo cred - Ennev

Never stress about your data-usage when you're looking up stuff in the city's centre because come summer 2015, Old Montreal and the downtown area will be fully equipped with free public Wi-Fi, reports TVA.

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