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winnie cooper

Ok, so sue us. We know that human slingshots are not the newest thing but that certainly does not mean they are not fun as hell. To state the obvious, in this video it proves a point that if you get a group of people hopefully all friends together with a few go pros, beers and ATV and a human slingshots it most likely will be the best time you have all year.

Amber Rose Twerks In Her Wedding Dress. (hollywoodpq)

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Anyone over the age of 26 and that is a boy and that is not gay most probably had a crush on Winnie Cooper from "The Wonder Years". After the series ended actress Danica McKellar who played "Winnie" kind of disappeared. Well now no longer in the shadows of Hollywood limbo she is now back hotter then ever and making out with Avril lavigne in her new music video 'Rock N Roll". Check it out fanboys.

...btw we shared the video right at the moment you need to see ;)

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