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winter wonderland montreal

The traditional "silent night" is anything but at this Montreal Christmas Village. For Festival Noël dans le Parc, the holiday season is loud and lively with music, lights, and action. The place is decked out with fairy lights and has a classic winter market vibe with its wooden chalet-style stalls and stages. You can also pick out a Christmas tree on-site from a variety of locally sourced options.

People stand in front of a stage at Festival No\u00ebl dans le Parc.People stand in front of a stage at Festival Noël dans le Parc.@festivalnoeldansleparc | Instagram

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Something icy this way comes. Just two and a half hours south of Montreal, Lake George is shedding its summer skin to reveal a winter wonderland that's part Narnia, part Frozen. It's an icy escapade that's close to home, yet magically far from the ordinary.

Winter Realms, formerly known as Ice Castles, has evolved into a captivating spectacle, promising visitors a unique frosty adventure.

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Quebec is set to receive its first snow of the season this week, making it clear that winter isn't waiting for December 21 to make an appearance.

Now, despite the colder temps, there's no season more romantic than winter, at least the holiday portion of the season. From glistening snowfalls, cozy gatherings by the fire, the warm glow of festive lights, and an overall sense of charm and heartfelt traditions, the holidays exude love and romance. And what better way to enjoy this cherished time of year than in one of the most beautiful winter wonderlands in Canada…Quebec City.

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Remember those giant inflatable nutcrackers that went up on rue Sainte-Catherine around this time last year? If you thought they looked completely traumatized by 2020 then they still haven't recovered because they're back with the same glassy, despondent stares to usher us into the 2021 holiday season.

The organizers of this year's winter festivities downtown announced that the nutcrackers have made their triumphant return to the corner of rue Stanley, and people are already taking notice.

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It's totally within your right to complain about the weather this winter. But instead of being grumpy all the time, why not take advantage of the winter events that Montreal has to offer? Downtown Montreal has unveiled its plan to transform into "an inviting, festive and magical winter destination" between now and March.

The winter festivities are the result of a collaboration between the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, Montréal centre-ville, Le Grand Marché de Noël, XP_MTL, the Noël dans le Parc Festival and MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE, which are transforming the city into a magical winter wonderland.

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