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YATAI MTL and Japan Week are coming back to Montreal. The festivals, a celebration of Japanese culture, will showcase products and dishes from local businesses. There will even be a street food market.

During Japan Week, June 6 to 12, restaurants and stores across the Montreal area will present a "special Japanese street food menu and a diverse offering of Japanese products," according to a press release. Participating restaurants will offer items as diverse as karaage, ramen, gyoza, BBQ, takoyaki, corndogs, sour plum beer, Japanese cheesecakes, mochi, doroyaki, matcha ice cream, and bubble tea.

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This party was off the leash.

On June 12, about 100 Shiba Inus and their owners held an exclusive gathering in a small park on avenue Casgrain and rue Bernard as part of Montreal's first-ever Japan Week, a mixture of both online and in-person events that celebrated all things Japanese.

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Montreal's first-ever Japan Week is underway from June 7 to 13, though the city's celebration of all things Japanese will be quite different this year because of COVID-19.

Instead of holding the annual festival at a public park in the Mile End, organizer YATAI MTL is offering a food tour and online programming.

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Montreal food lovers missing their glory days of restaurant hopping rejoice: YATAI MTL, a festival dedicated to Japanese food and culture, is back with Japan Week, a mixture of both online and in-person events from June 7 to 13.

As the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, YATAI MTL has organized a food tour instead of holding the annual event in a public park in the Mile-End.

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