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Turn that frown Youp-side down. The Montreal Canadiens' mascot Youppi! may have placed among the worst in the NHL — according to a survey with decidedly too few Quebec participants — but at least the furry orange monster still bested the Sens' weak-maned Spartcat and the Flames' (tongue) depressing Harvey the Hound.

A recent survey of 900 hockey fans by NY Bet ranked every fur-covered, derpy-looking NHL mascot. The full line-up made a furry convention look deeply appealing.

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Photo cred - @CanadiensMTL

Montrealers are a proud bunch, and who can really blame us, there's lots to be proud of. Our hubris is largely unrivaled regarding quality of life, culture, cuisine etc etc etc, but once in while, even a Montrealer gets embarrassed. Though we'll never willingly admit to these things, they do exist and even thinking about them makes us cringe.

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Cover photo cred - Francis Reyes

Montreal is a magical, mythical place, and to an outsider, it can seem rather confusing, even intimidating. The truth is, it's all of those things. It's like an exclusive club that admits only the worthy. Only those who've figured out its many inherent cultural intricacies, and carefully studied the secret handshakes and special code words, will understand what Montreal is all about. But please don't let this put you off, however, because once accepted to the foal, and with open arms might I add, Montreal will be the warmest, most nurturing teat you ever did suckle upon.

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Photo cred - Patita Pirata

Ever since the Expos left Montreal and became the Washington Nationals in 2004, us Montrealers have missed the team. The city simply isn't the same without having them in town, and we want them back. In honour of Montreal Expos Day, which takes place on July 12th, here's a list of 10 reasons the Expos should come back to Montreal.

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