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Despite the Montreal Canadiens losing out in the Stanley Cup Final, there's still one person in Montreal who is committed to spreading joy no matter what.

Internet sensation and Canada's favourite Bhangra dancer, Gurdeep Pandher, has been visiting iconic Montreal spots, spreading cheer and positive vibes.

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Canada sure seems more beautiful than ever this year! Not only is it making us Canadians look and feel fabulous, but it's also making us want to travel across our own country more than ever! So, I decided to compose a list of a variety of places to visit in Canada each month of the year!

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Canada isn't just the second largest country in the world, it's also the most stunning place in the world! The main reason being that all ten provinces and three territories share stunning natural wonders.

Some provinces are actually considered more beautiful than others, so I've decided to rank them based on my own personal experiences and opinions. Feel free to comment your ranking down below!

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If you haven't realized, Canada is absolutely fabulous! You actually don't have to leave the country to go on a great vacation since there is so much to explore right here in your backyard. Each province and territory has at least two superb locations that you must visit this 2017!

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