Tales Of A Waitress: Creepy Overly Flirty Clients

If you're gonna flirt, keep it casual.
Tales Of A Waitress: Creepy Overly Flirty Clients

If you’re been checking out this space for the past few weeks, you know that I’ve worked as a server for a pretty long stretch that continues into the present, and another thing I’ve never been content with is the amount of aggressively flirtatious people that waiters/waitresses have to serve.

Specifically: this one guy that would come into the bar every week on the emptiest nights, sit his ass down at the bar, order a pitcher of beer to himself, go on to tell me to never trust anyone, and then tell me he loved me every half hour or so.

To be very clear, these men were pretty fucking old, I’d guess mid-40’s or so, and I’m clearly a twenty-something that still gets carded for cigarettes.

Also, I never reciprocated the advances in either case, but if you’re buying drinks, it’s good for the business to be friendly, and I’d get into shit with the owner for turning them down. It’s a catch-22, where you bite your lip and keep yourself from letting all those curses out that are just bubbling forth and trying to escape your mouth.

Is there something about the power dynamic that is set up in a bar/restaurant environment that makes us think its okay to aggressively hit on the wait staff?

It obviously feels safer to hit on wait staff because of that, and because if you’re getting shut down on the street and in the clubs, it’s probably an alternative venue for a little confidence boost when you just can’t get any ass.

It’s pretty easy to forget that your waiter’s being nice to you because it’s their job, and not because they want you on their funny parts, you know? Do you keep it classier? Do you err on the side of eye fucking and not straight up harassing?

Comment below and tell me your thoughts. 

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