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Tales Of A Waitress: When A Service Job Is Like A Shitty Ex, They Just Can't Let Go

We've all been there: One too many nights of expectations that keep being shattered, weeks of being treated badly, months of constantly feeling like crap, nights of barely any sleep that leave you exhausted, all of that which gives you the motivation to say: Fuck it, I'm done. So, you leave and hope to never hear from them. That's when the phone calls and the text messages start, and you'd think you were the best thing that ever happened to them with all the pleading you hear.

I'm not talking about exes and bad relationships, but it sure sounds like it, doesn't it? Thing is, a service job is like a shitty ex that can't let go. You try to leave when you realize that you actually can do better, and that you deserve better, but they keep pulling you back--and sometimes, you're just not strong enough to say no.

"No one Else Gets Me Like You Do"

You walk out of your service job because the place is falling apart and you just couldn't deal, but your boss just doesn't think the newer hires are as capable as you. It takes time to train them, and if there's a huge turnover, the rest of the staff gets tired of training a new face every week. So, your boss calls you to help out on busy nights, "just this one time"and "it won't happen again," because you'd figured out how to work their shitty outdated computers from the fucking iron age, and because you're faster on your feet and know exactly where the elusive bar mix is hidden. Except it's never just that one time, 'cuz it always happens again, and you just can't shake the guilt that comes with saying no, even though you have a life to live that doesn't include them anymore.

"Maybe It'll Be Better This Time"

You give in because you're not strong enough, and you think about all the potential benefits of going back to work: Maybe the tip money will be great, (it's been a while since you made cash) or maybe the place will be more organized, and you won't lose your sanity working this one shift. It might even be nice to see everyone again. It's just like when you give in to your ex's booty call and think something along these lines: "it'll be a fun time, " "it's been a while since I've bonded with someone," "I could use someone else's hands down my pants for once," "they've probably gotten their issues sorted by now."

Be warned, your luck is not that fucking great. Realize that. You will leave mentally and physically exhausted, and right back in the drama you left behind.

"It'll Make Things Friendlier"

Never. This never happens. You may want to appease your old boss by helping him out this one last time, because you did unleash a shit storm onto him when you left without much notice, but this will not make things better. It will not make them talk well of you to others, or inspire them to give you more respect. All it will do is make them think you're ready to go back, and that you haven't let go either. Don't do it.

Thing is, sometimes you just need to treat your ex-job just as you would your ex-boyfriend: you gotta put on that stern stone-hearted-bitch-face to hide any attachments you have, to make them let go. And you've got to make them think you've moved on to make them let go of you. For your own sanity.

How do you keep yourself from being pulled back? Do you just screen their calls and block their numbers and scream into a pillow?

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