Montreal Taxi Drivers Have Resorted To Egging Uber Cars

Offering a better service was clearly not an option.
Montreal Taxi Drivers Have Resorted To Egging Uber Cars

The taxi vs Uber war has been ongoing for some time now and it looked like there was hope there for awhile. Instead of blaming Uber for stealing business away from them, some taxi services decided to compete with Uber by offering new and better services, including an app with similar features.

However some taxi drivers have taken to more childlike methods. They figured the only way to get rid of Uber once and for all, is to egg their cars. Surely Uber will never recover from having dried up yolk on a few windshields. I'm certain Uber will declare bankruptcy and move away and the taxis will get all their clients back. I mean, who the hell wants to get driven around in a car covered in egg?

The reality is Uber is here to stay and if pleading with the public and threatening legal action didn't help, what makes these taxi drivers think that eggs will? The only way to compete with Uber is to be better than them, which isn't an easy task considering how awesome many Uber drivers are. Just this morning my colleague took an Uber in to work. The driver opened the door for her, welcomed her aboard, offered her a complimentary Perrier and even had snacks and drink options available for purchase.

The crazy part is that this is actually really dangerous. It may just be eggs, but this driver is literally getting attacked, so it's no wonder he wants to get out of these in a hurry. Only he now has egg on his windshield, and removing egg from a windshield with wipers and fluid is nearly impossible. If the drivers tries to turn the wipers on while he's driving, all that will happen is the yolk will mix with the wiper fluid and coat the entire windshield with an opaque goop. And that puts us all at risk.

Whatever side of the issue you're on, one thing's for sure, egging cars is stupid and it's not the right way to handle the situation. 


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