The Taxi Industry Is About To Put The Screws On The City Of Montreal

As soon as Uber leaves, cab fares will be getting more expensive.
The Taxi Industry Is About To Put The Screws On The City Of Montreal

With only a few hours left before the Uber-Quebec deal ends, people are starting to get nervous. 

When the threat to leave Quebec was first made, no one wanted to believe it. But now that's we're so close to the deadline and Quebec still isn't backing down, it's starting to look like Uber will in fact be leaving Quebec after all. 

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Once that happens, taxis will once gain be pretty much your only option. And how is Montreal's taxi industry planning on celebrating their victory? By screwing you over of course. 

The taxi industry in Montreal will be increasing their rates by nearly 6%!

Not only that but there are plans in the works to increase taxi rates at night time as well. 

No matter what the reason is for the increase, even the taxi industry has to admit the timing of this increase seems suspiciously convenient.


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