Taxi Drivers Are Now Threatening An Even Bigger Strike In Quebec

One week after taxi drivers across Quebec engaged in a highly-publicized strike, industry representatives are threatening to again demonstrate to pressure the provincial government to drop a controversial bill.

If passed, Bill 17 would, among other measures, eliminate taxi permits, a provision taxi drivers say would give an advantage to ride-sharing services like Uber, according to the CBC.

The first strike at the end of March saw taxi drivers refuse to pick up passengers and roll through Montreal thoroughfares blasting their horns.

That strike was suspended after a driver self-harmed on live television.

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TLDR: Quebec taxi drivers are threatening to go on strike again after talks with government representatives fell apart. The controversial Bill 17, taxi drivers say, would give an unfair advantage to ride-share services. Details about the next strike are forthcoming.

Taxi industry leaders met with government officials to attempt to negotiate new terms. The failure of those meetings have prompted organizers to renew calls for a strike.

Details of the next strike are forthcoming, but according to le Journal de Québec, some have promised an even bigger strike than the one last month.

Quebec residents can likely expect more demonstrations in which dozens of taxis clog traffic to call attention to their cause.

Last week, we spoke with two taxi drivers who called the measures in Bill 17 "inhuman" and "shameful."⁣

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The strike also led to increased profits for Uber, which capitalized on the gap in the market.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.