Taylor Swift Makes Surprise Visit To Young Cancer Patient And Sings Everyone Into Tears

Swiftmas came early for one young fan, Jordan Brave, a 7 year old cancer patient, who was visited by the renowned T-Swift this past Sunday at his hospital in Boston. Swift, being the adorably awesome person she is, visited Brave in hopes of raising his spirits and basically making his dreams come true. Needless to say, things got very Swifty.

The video of America's darling and Brave was posted to Reddit yesterday, where it obviously blew up because the whole scene is mind-blowingly cute. For real, once the two start singing a duet of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," you may have a cuteness induced nosebleed.

Say what you will about Tay Swift's music, after seeing this video, you can't deny the kinda-country singer has a heart of gold. Yes, this could have been an elaborate PR stunt, but either way, one little boy with a very serious condition had his spirits raised to the skies, and that's definitely worth some press.


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