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Taylor Swift Will Be In Montreal Tomorrow

Be swift and do not miss Ms. Swift.
Taylor Swift Will Be In Montreal Tomorrow

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Montreal will become a little more swift tomorrow, with the arrival of a certain pop starlet. It looks like Swiftmas has come early this year for Montrealers, as musician Taylor Swift will on the city's streets as she heads to an interview on the French talk show "Tout le monde en parle" which airs on Radio-Canada.

Tay-tay will be on the show to promote her new album 1989 which is set to release on October 27, 2014. You've no doubt already heard/seen the video for the album's premiere single "Shake It Off."

Lady Swift's interview will be recorded tomorrow but don't expect her infectious voice to hit screens until Sunday, when Tout le monde en parle airs. Still, you can probably catch Mizz Swift being adorkable and silly-cute (as she is now famous for) somewhere around the Maison Radio-Canada broadcast station (map) as she heads to and leaves from the interview. We're not saying to stake out for Taylor near the station, we're just saying she'll be there...the rest is up to you Swift-ophiles.

No doubt the pop sensation will be making some tweets about heading to/being in Montreal, so be sure to check out her Twitter for updates and clues as to where she'll be in the city.

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