Teenager Catches Baby As She Falls From Second Story Window (Video)

He is truly a hero.
Teenager Catches Baby As She Falls From Second Story Window (Video)

While some days start with a woman finding a python in her apartment, other days are a lot more wholesome. Today is, luckily, the latter kind of day.

The wholesome hero story this morning comes complete with a video. A CCTV managed to capture the moment a toddler girl fell out of her kitchen window.

The video also managed to capture the hero 17-year-old boy who was right there to catch her. Check it out below.

The video shows the boy standing outside on the street, and he's clearly looking up, probably watching the girl who was evidently precariously close to the window. 

TVA Nouvelles reports that the boy attempted to tell someone about the situation before the girl fell, which is potentially what we see him turn around to do, before turning back to focus on the window.

The video shown in the tweet below is a little longer and you can see the moments leading up to the little girl's fall.

According to TVA Nouvelles, the boy's name is Faouzi Zabaat, a 17-year-old Algerian. The little girl's name is Doha Mohammed, a Syrian also living in Istanbul.

The tweet above notes that the girl's mother was also in the kitchen but was cooking and therefore distracted. 

If you've ever spent any time with a toddler you know it doesn't take much time before they're getting into some kind of mess or toddling somewhere they shouldn't, so my heart goes out to the mother, too, who was likely beyond terrified when this happened. 

The boy truly is a hero... but for more than just catching the girl as she fell. What makes him a hero in my eyes is the fact that what he saw at the window before she fell made him nervous...

So he stayed and waited.

He didn't assume someone else would handle it or that the mom would turn around. He stayed put to be sure the little girl was okay. And when she wasn't, he was there to save her.

Sure, it sounds dramatic, but that boy was absolutely that little girl's guardian angel that day. And totally a hero in my eyes.

To read the TVA Nouvelles report in French, head to their article here.