TELUS Announces New Unlimited Data Plans With No Overage Charges & $0 Upfront "On Every Single Phone"

TELUS claims to be the "first Canadian national carrier" to offer this bundle.
Person on cell phone.

A series of new phone plans have shaken the Canadian telecommunications industry in the last month. First, Rogers announced new phone data plans with no overage charges with base rates starting at $75/month. 

Bell then released its own unlimited plan to compete with Rogers just one day later. This week, TELUS is following with a new "endless data" plan on all phones with $0 upfront on new devices.

That's right. No more shelling out hundreds of dollars; new smartphones can be $0 upfront with the option to finance over 24 months. 

And you can get access to their "endless data" plan for $75 a month for 10GB of high-speed data. If you manage to still go over you are able to to use as much data as you want but with speeds up to 512kbps.

In a press release, TELUS claims it is the "first Canadian national carrier to launch Peace of Mind rate plans and Easy Payment device financing together with family discounts, offering Canadians endless data with no data overages on Canada’s fastest network."

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If you're planning on signing up, get your family involved and save a few more dollars. The family discount lets you save with every additional phone. With two family members, you will each get a $5 monthly discount, three members and you save $10 each, and four or more will receive a $15 monthly discount.

All plans will include unlimited nationwide text, calling and picture and video messaging. Now we're getting somewhere, Canada. 

With Canadian phone plans notoriously high in price, consumers are relieved to finally see changes in the right direction. Albeit slowly. Now if we can just get everyone else on board. 

Review the 'Peace of Mind' phone plans that Telus is launching on the company website here.  

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