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Temperatures Are So High In Canada That One Man's Garden Spontaneously Caught Fire

Canada has seen record heat this summer.

High temperatures have led to not only dozens of deaths by heat stroke, but also ignited countless wild fires across the country.

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While southern Quebec and Ontario get some much-needed rain today, much of the country is still battling debilitating heat.

Sometimes, wild fires can strike a little too close to home.

That's what happend to one man in Nova Scotia, where temperatures have reached the mid-thirties this week.

On Thursday, Tom Cholock noticed smoke coming from somewhere around his property. He initially thought one of his neighbours were having a bon fire but quickly discovered that the smoke was coming from his own garden.

In fact, the mulch that decorated his property had caught fire.

Here's avideo of one area of the flaming garden:

Luckily, no one was injured and the fire caused little damage.

New mulch is particularly warm because of combustion. Add record heat on top of that and you could spell danger.

Last year, according to The Weather Network, similar instances of spontaneously combusting mulch occurred on Prince Edward Island.

Canadians should keep an eye on their own gardens as well as the natural disasters, fires, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms, that continue to ravage the country.

As for the weather in Montreal, the thunderstorms that threaten the area are proving unpredictable so stay alert.


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