Tens Of Thousands Of People Across Montreal Are Without Power After The Severe Thunderstorm

It has been a crazy weather day in Montreal.

Environment Canada warned of both extreme heat and severe thunderstorms. High temperatures and humidity are already enough to ruin the day of an unsuspecting pedestrian or commuter.

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But add a sudden thunderstorm burst and we're in trouble.

While the storm only lasted a few minutes, it was great enough in intensity to cause tens of thousands of power outages across Montreal island and the surrounding suburbs.

According to Hydro Québec, entire neighbourhoods are currently without power.

Outremont has over six thousand people without electricity. Youville has over four thousand. Huge areas of Montreal North have also been affected.

Luckily, it appears power will be restored by the early evening in most areas. Environment Canada also warned of possible tornadoes, but none have been reported.

It seems we're having unusually hectic weather at the end of the summer. Meteorologist predict that summer warmth will persist long into the fall. Winter will also be abnormally warm.

While that warmth is symptomatic of concerning climate trends, it may also mean a mild and storm-less next few months for Montrealers. 

Stay tuned for more updates from Hydro Quebec.


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