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Tequila Lemonade Ice Cubes Are Something You Will Want To Make All Summer Long

To me, summer = mixed drinks. What better way to enjoy the sun than with something fruity and delicious to cool you down. But as much as I enjoy mixed drinks after a while they can get old. So we've thought of a way to combat that. Instead of putting your liquor directly in the drink, why not try ice cubes instead.

Now before I go on to tell you the recipe we gotta go into some science shiz. Alcohol freezes at a lower temperature than water. Like a lot lower. Water freezes at 0°C but liquors up to 64 proof freeze at -10°C, so you'll need to freeze them overnight to make sure they're fully frozen.

You're gonna need:

- 1 cup of tequila (the lower percentage of alcohol the better)

- 1 cup of lemonade (pink or regular)

- 3 sprigs of rosemary

- 1/2 of a lemon, cut into chunks

First, get your ice cube tray of choice. The bigger the mold the better (you can get shooter ice cube trays from Dollarama)

Second fill the molds halfway with pink lemonade. Add a small rosemary leaf, and chunk of lemon (because youz a classy bitch) for colour and an herby taste your drink. Fill the remaining space with tequila!

Lastly, wait for a few hours for it to freeze. Depending on how cold you can get your freezer it should only take a few hours. Once it's done plop it in you drink and enjoy.

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