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Montreal is turning into a summer celebrity hub of sorts.

Yesterday Justin Timberlake was spotted on Saint-Catherine Street and today pictures of his wife Jessica Biel spotted as well in the downtown core, not to mention Joseph Gordon-Levitt being sighted a gaggle of times earlier on in the summer in the old port.

Now however, probably the most fun spot yet, Terry Crews the "Old Spice" commercial guy and a character in "The Expendables" movie series has been spotted at Montreal's Concordia Gym working out.

We were tipped off by an anonymous source via fb who asked we call name "Bad Man V" who stated he is in town filming a movie near Saint-Laurent Street, most probably one of these.

Also he is in town for JFL for his role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Here is a sample of some of the hilarious "Old Spice" commercials Crews has started in.

Have you spotted any celebs recently?

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