The All-New $45,000 Tesla Model 3: Everything You Need To Know About It

Fast, practical, and more importantly affordable!
The All-New $45,000 Tesla Model 3: Everything You Need To Know About It

It might be gloomy and rainy in Montreal, but that hasn't stopped folks from lining up outside in anticipation for the chance to reserve Tesla Motors' brand new, yet-to-be unveiled vehicle, otherwise known as the Tesla Model 3.

Despite the fact that no one has seen an official image of the Model 3, over two hundred Montrealers have posted up outside of Tesla's Montreal dealership so that they can put their $1000 reservation-down payment on the new model, to ensure they get a Model 3 once it is released in 2017.

So why are Montrealers clamouring for a car that has yet to even be unveiled? Well, mainly the price, as the Model 3 will be the first affordably priced Tesla automobile in the company's lineup. With a price-tag set at around $45,000 Canadian, the Model 3 hopes to bring electric vehicles to a new market of consumers.

But, again, there has been next to no confirmed information released regarding the Model 3, with Tesla being quite secretive about the whole thing.

The electric-powered automotive company headed by Elon Musk is waiting 'til tonight at 8:30pm Pacific Time to unveil the car, which will be the same time folks can reserve their spot.

So the +200 Montrealers standing in line a the CDN-NDG Tesla dealership (which started as early as 10pm last night) have a while longer to wait before they can officially put in their refundable down payment. And given their fervour, you're no doubt wondering "damn, should I be in line too?"

Before you jump into the lineup, get yourself acquainted with everything there is to know about the Model 3 first. Compiling information from various online resources, we've done the work for you below.

Note, however, that pretty much everything anyone has said about the Model 3 is pure speculation, so take it all with a grain of salt. Still, given Tesla's past actions and Musk's previous comments, some of the info below is nearly a guarantee.

It will be about as large as an Audi A4

According to Elon Musk, the Model 3 is set to be around 20% smaller than the Tesla Model S, which would put it at around the same size as an Audi A4.

There could be a "frunk"

Or, to those less familiar with Tesla-lingo, a "front trunk." Since electric cars don't need a motor at the front of the vehicle, they have extra space, which Tesla has used to install a "frunk" in their automobiles. Chances are the Model 3 will do the same, so think an Audi 4 sized car but with the added storage space of a frunk.

You'll be able to drive 200 miles for every charge

As promised by Tesla, a single full charge of the Model 3 will allow you to travel a distance of at least 200 miles, or about 322kms. Other sources say up to 480kms. Chances are the Model 3 could even go further, given its small size.

The Model 3 will be able to drive itself, maybe

Some have speculated that the Model 3 will be capable of autonomous driving, given Musk's previous comments on the future of autonomous vehicles. Having the sensors installed may up the price, however, which brings us to...

Upgrades will cost you

Despite the more affordable price tag on the Model 3, you'll likely have to pay more if you want all the bells and whistles. Potential upgrades like all-wheel drive, a larger battery, and higher speeds will almost definitely cost you extra cash.

There will be a legit warranty

As noted by Musk via Twitter, the Model 3 will have a warranty much like the Model S's, which is good for a full eight years and covers both the battery and car itself.

The battery makes it cheaper

In order to make the Model 3 much more affordable, Tesla teamed up with Panasonic to create cheaper battery packs. Currently produced in Japan, Tesla plans to open a battery-factory in Nevada in the near future, which will cost a cool $5 billion.

You can get a $8000 rebate

Making the Model 3 even more affordable for folks in Quebec is the $8000 rebate provided to those with an all-electric car from the province's Drive Electric Program. Find out more details here.

You can reserve your spot online

If you don't quite feel like standing in the rain to reserve your Model 3, Tesla is offering folks the chance to reserve online. Head to Tesla's website right at 8:30pm, when the unveiling event begins, to reserve your spot. Tesla will also be live-streaming the event.

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