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Tessa Virtue And Scott Moir Are In Love With Montreal And They're Here To Stay

And we know where to find them!
Tessa Virtue And Scott Moir Are In Love With Montreal And They're Here To Stay

Ah yes, the Canadian figure skating sweethearts are back at it again. Everyone cares what's going on with them because really, they're hard not to care about.

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Though we can fantasize about their love story for the rest of our lives, they are still holding strong on the fact that they are not dating.

Though they may not necessarily love each other, they DO love Montreal. In case you didn't know, Scott Moir has actually been living here since 2016.

Though they're both from London, Ontario, they've decided to make Quebec their home. They really seem to love it here, and I mean who can blame them. We're awesome!

They've described Montreal as vibrant, fashionable, and inspiring! Come on, guys, you're making us blush!

They seem super exciting to be living here, and honestly, I couldn't be prouder that someone with so much prestige is giving Montreal the credit that it deserves.

Tessa and Scott have even revealed their favorite spots to hang out! Some of them include Foxy, Le Vin Papillon, and Lord William Pub. So, if you're a die-hard Scott and Tessa fan, you know where to find them!

You can tell that Scott really understands what it is to be a Montrealer. He says he loves the fact that we have all these little neighborhoods downtown. They're easy, uncomplicated, and not overwhelming. He says it's easy to get settled, and let's hope he does, with Tessa.

They know what they love about Montreal, but they also know what they hate. And turns out, it's the same stuff that we do: our 9-month winters and terrible traffic. They're pretty much native Montrealers already!

They've really gotten into the Quebec lifestyle. Though they've been training here for a while now, they even have new trainers from Quebec.

@tessaetscottembedded via

When they appeared on Tout le monde en parle last Sunday, they really made it clear to the world that Montreal holds a special place in their hearts. When the interview even just brought up the fact that they lived here, Scott started to crazily clap his hands until the whole audience joined in.

The figure skating duo is determined to fit in here. They're learning French, and Scott, in particular, is super determined to master the language, which I think is pretty darn cool.

Tessa made it clear when she said (in French):  "I really love Montreal, Quebecers, the restaurants, the art, and the "joie de vivre". So, there you have it. Montreal is the best.

Tessa is even working with BonLook and says that it is "thrilled to work with a Montreal-based company". So clearly, they are setting their roots and looking to live here for a good while.

Check out the whole interview here!


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