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Thanksgiving`s Must Eats

What you need to eat this Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving`s Must Eats

In a few short days you will sit down at the dinner table with your family and eat, and eat, and eat. Thanksgiving is basically a holiday centred on food, with turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie essential to any Thanksgiving celebration. Sometimes your zany aunt, or culturally unaware grandparents, will deviate from tradition and create their own Thanksgiving menu. Nuts to that. Here is an essential Thanksgiving food guide to ensure you have all of the staples on your table this Monday.

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Devilish Starters

Appetizers are like a warm up for your stomach, a light jog and stretch before the main eating marathon. Light, creamy, and full of possible variations, deviled eggs are a perfect starter to your Thanksgiving meal. You can keep it simple with a standard recipe, or throw on some bacon (we all know everything is better with bacon) or add some zest with avacado and spices. Breading an egg and deep frying it never hurt either.

In One Fell Soup

Before you get into the heavy stuff, its nice to slowly get started on your meal with a warming soup. Classics like roasted pumpkin soup are always enjoyed, or get fancy with celery root-apple soup with crispy pancetta. If you wanna get turkey into every aspect of the meal, enjoy a turkey and vegetable soup to get the food flowing.

Leafy Greens

Don't hate on salads, even when there is a bunch of meat to be eaten. Salads don't need to be boring, or even healthy. For fantastic Fall flavours, enjoy a pear and roquefort salad, both sweet and strong. Mix up a bunch of Thanksgiving flavours with a Waldorf salad, a melange of apples, celery, apples, and walnuts with a mayo dressing. Great green sides to compliment the big bird.

Main Meats

No Thanksgiving is complete without a roast turkey. For real. You can omit nearly anything on this list EXCEPT for turkey. Magically tasty, turkey is the star of the Thanksgiving menu. Other meats can play a supporting role too, such as a honey baked ham, because more meat is never a bad thing.

Spectacular Sides

Round out your meal with some more sides. Roasted vegetables are the Thanksgiving go-to. Simple and satisfying, you can just roast some root vegetables or get a little more creative. Add honey and spices for sweet roasted carrots or throw in apples and bacon to your brusselsprouts.

Get Stuffed

Stuffing is so apt for Thanksgiving, because that's what you're doing to yourself. If you're a fan of stuffing, then you already know how epically tasty it is. If not, well there's something wrong with you and you need to reevaluate your value system. For those who've never had, try stuffing your turkey with a classic sausage stuffing, or switch it up with a sweet cornbread stuffing.

The Mighty Potato

Potatoes are very versatile, and can be done up in many ways. Mashed is the Thanksgiving classic, and can be done with white or sweet potatoes. To get a little fancy, try a parmesan-potato bake or marshmellow topped sweet potatoes. Just be sure to smother it with gravy.

Oh So Sweet

You best save room for dessert, because no Thanksgiving is complete without some sweets. Pumpkin pie is the penultimate Thanksgiving meal-ender, but feel free to try out cool variations like a nutella-ice cream pumpkin pie. Pecan pie can also be paired alongside, or just forget the whole pie thing and enjoy a pumpkin popsicle.

No Food Left Behind

Despite how much you think you can eat, you're gonna have a lot of leftovers afterwards. Eating turkey for days needn't be boring. Switch up your leftovers as Thanksgiving eggs benedict. Put a whole Thanksgiving plate between bread as a turkey cubano. Get really crazy and just layer it all into a cake with mashed potato frosting. You know you want to.

Did we forget your favourite Thanksgiving food? Pumped to get stuffed this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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