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That 20's Life: Montreal Guys On Tinder

Screenshots of the most awkward Tinder conversations.
That 20's Life: Montreal Guys On Tinder

A few weeks ago, a former booty call of mine appeared on my Facebook's news feed. His update? "Now in a relationship". I was curious about this one, so I started asking some of our mutual friends about his new girl. Seems they met on Tinder!  How cute, right? Well now I had to try my luck.

So out of envy, curiosity and the belief that my chances of finding my soul mate through Tinder would increase each time I swiped my finger, I kept at it. After multiple failed attempts, I soon gave up. Each and everyone of my Tinder matches had never succeeded. Is it me? Or, is everyone on Tinder just there for amusement? Are people on Tinder actually serious about finding a match, or is it all just fun and games?.

I've experienced some of the most hysterical, uncomfortable and screen shot worthy conversations on Tinder, which eventually got me to lose all hopes with the app. Because I love to share the pain, I'll let you in on some of these awkward convos. With every match comes a different adventure, and here are some of my best Tinder moments:

(1) The one that's overly persistent and just can't bear the thought of leaving me alone:

(2) The one who thinks his pick up lines are the epitome of mankind: 

(3) The emotional weirdo whom I apparently mean the world to:

(4) The straight up perv:

While I do envy those who easily find love on Tinder, or even those who have the pleasure of meeting someone decent, I must admit- looking back on some of my Tinder experiences are more entertaining than ever. When it comes down to it though, Tinder was designed for singles to meet other singles, and a match was meant to go a long way. But what do you actually think of Tinder?

Take it as a joke, like what I hope some of the men featured in the conversations above were doing, or do you have faith that Tinder might actually get you that one night stand you've been waiting oh so patiently for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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