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That 20's Life: We Are Millennials, The Not As Lazy As You Think Generation

We are Millennials, or the lazy generation of technology addicts, according to the older generations. Other titles aren't quite so tame. A few months ago, an article titled "20 Things 20- Year- Olds Don't Get" was published by Forbes Magazine. After reading the absurdity that this article had to offer, I did some digging and found the author was only a year or two away from becoming a forty year old, just like I assumed.

In his bashful list against 20 year olds, the author makes claims and suggestions with the implication that 20 year olds have not the slightest clue about business, relationships, and Here are some of my responses to the author's most unjust, uneducated and ludicrous claims:

Pick up the phone.

With pleasure. Sure, biases exist towards my generation and their attachment to their cell phones. In fact, this attachment allows me to be more connected to my peers and my business associates, on a level that you'll never reach with your flip phone. Ask me how fast I can type a 100 word email on my iPhone.

Take responsibility for your mistakes.

Stop accusing me of making mistakes based on unjust perspectives. We'll take responsibility over the mistakes that we know we've made, not the ones you think we're making. Most of the world's economic and environmental problems are the older generation's doing anyway, we just inherited the problems.

Speak up, not out.

Have you met my generation? Millennials living in Montreal have actively participated in more protests this past year than I can count on my fingers. Strikes against the rise in tuition and beliefs about values that concern their Charter of Rights are only a few of the many issues that 20 year olds have spoken up against.

You're talented, but talent is overrated.

Well thanks for recognizing my talent, kind sir. But talent, whether it be creative, expressive or logical isn't the least bit overrated. Perhaps attitudes were different back when you were 20, but today, a person's talent has the power to define, employ, and fulfill him/her.

Pick an idol and act "as if".

I will never base my actions from the shoes of an admirer. Call me stubborn, but I would much rather practice independence and learn from my own success and failures.

Social Media is not a career.

You're right, social media is not a job title. But when technology is misunderstood and improperly used, like those above the age of 40 who are unaware of the power behind media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, social media experts get hired.

To the author of "20 Things 20- Year- Olds Don't Get", before giving such advice, especially under your obvious assumption that all 20 year olds are the same, don't. Because as a 40 year old, who knows nothing about our goals, motives and beliefs, your guidance is an embarrassment.

What do you think about the author's claims? Think they're unjust and way out of line like me? Or do you agree that Millennials have some things to learn from the author of "20 Things 20- Year- Olds Don't Get"? Let us know with your comments below!

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