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That 20's Life: Why Cuddle Buddies Are Essential

Because your dog just won't suffice.
That 20's Life: Why Cuddle Buddies Are Essential

Being 20 is fun. But being 20 and single can get a little lonely sometimes. Especially as the winter approaches, one thing I envy about those in relationships, is their ability to keep warm by cuddling. I discovered this last winter. My heating bills were soaring and the only thing beside me in my queen sized bed every night was my 40 kg Labrador. Sure, stroking her soft fur was fun, but that dog's breath just wasn't going to cut it.

In my opinion, every 20-nothing year old who's not tied  down in a relationship (relationships are stupid) should have someone that they are comfortable sharing a warm blanket with whenever they want.

In the absence of a relationship, cuddle buddies can depend on one another to provide a sense of closeness in a completely safe and friendly setting, with absolutely no attachment or reason for complications. Having a cuddle buddy has deemed quite beneficial in my case for a couple of reasons. To all potential snugglers out there:

First, there are no strings attached. Even if I do declare my love for you over a drunken phone call on a Saturday at 3 o'clock in the morning, don't worry- a drunken call is all it was. And if you bail on our plans to watch "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" , it's all good, I've still got my dog.

Second, everyone needs a hug. Seriously, for those who don't cuddle on a regular basis, you're missing out on a whole lot of oxytocin, otherwise known as "the cuddle hormone". Initiated by physical touch, oxytocin is the chemical released in your brain that puts you in a happy and peaceful state of mind.

Face it, November has just begun, and with that being said, staying under the covers as the cold air starts to set in sounds more and more appealing. But first, keep in mind of these four tips before acquiring your cuddle buddy:

One thing I've learnt about summer flings is that that's all they are. Great company, but strictly seasonal. Just like your tan lines, the summer romance is meant to fade.

(2) Keep it Simple

Winter in Montreal can be very long. Try and refrain from over complicating things with your cuddle buddy early on. This has to last a whole dreadful winter.

(3) Invest in a Netflix Account

Nothing's more appealing than an invitation to snuggle and watch movies on Netflix. I've even invested in the "American Netflix". More viewing options means more time spent snuggling.

(4) Take Care of Yourself

The last person I want to cuddle up against is a sick one. Stay warm this winter and remember that your snuggle buddy most probably won't want to be the one serving you your meds and replenishing your bed side tissue box.

Being 20 and single doesn't have to be so lonely. Having a cuddle buddy (or two) is something everyone of you should invest in. Stay warm this winter and keep your oxytocin levels soaring. Are you interested in a cuddle buddy this winter? Already started recruiting? Let us know about your experiences with your comments!

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