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The 1 KM Mountain Hike Near Montreal With Stunning Fall Foliage

Take a walk through some gorgeous views.
The 1 KM Mountain Hike Near Montreal With Stunning Fall Foliage

At this stage in the game, it's very safe to say that I love fall foliage. Literally, if I lived somewhere where the leaves didn't change into glorious colours, I'd be highkey miserable.

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Luckily, I'm in a part of the world where I get to wake up everyday in October and see some highkey beautiful sights.

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And although the trees in Montreal are super beautiful, there are some incredibly gorgeous fall views to see throughout the province.

Like the views from Gatineau Park (33 Scott Road, Chelsea, QC), roughly a two and a half hour drive out of the city.

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It goes without saying that this spot is beautiful during every season (and especially in the fall), but it also just so happens that it's seriously, seriously fun.

There are tons of things to do in Gatineau Park, like boating, fishing, cycling, rock climbing, and a whole lot more.

And, of course, hiking. 

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Although there are tons of different hikes you can do, one of the coolest ones is the 1.3 KM long Champlain Trail.

The trail takes you to the top of the Eardley Escarpment, where you can overlook the park at the Champlain Lookout.

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In total, it takes about 30 minutes to do, so you can cop yourself some good exercise, good vibes, and seriously good views - all in under an hour.

Best part? The Eardley Escarpment has some really cool wildlife (it's the only place in Quebec that houses a rare type of butterfly) and at-risk plantlife, so not only will you be able to see the park, but you'll have an awesome time at the top, too.

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