The 10 Best Breakfast Spots In Montreal You Need To Try If You Have Not Already

Eggs, bacon, bagels, croissants, oh my!

Montreal is filled with dozens of charming breakfast locations that I am sure most of you have already tried. However, if you still haven't tried one of the Breakfast spots below, then you surely are missing out on something truly amazing! So, if you want your Montreal breakfast dreams to come true, then you must try the restaurants down below if you have not already!

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Not only do these breakfast spots serve scrumptious food, but it is also a great location to meet up with your friends during the Holidays! Start a cold winter morning off right with a breakfast that will make you salivate just by looking at the picture!

1. Restaurant L’Avenue Is A Must Try

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922 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

If you want to feel like you are in the retro ’90s enjoying a yummy breakfast, then I suggest coming to L’Avenue! It’s a great location to feel like you are in an old 90’s movie while enjoying 3D murals. The food is great and it’s the perfect location to laugh and catch up woth your friends before the holidays.


2. Régine Café Is A Must Try

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1840 Rue Beaubien E

This French style café is perfect for a classy breakfast in Montreal. I strongly recommend coming here if you are with a big group of your girlfriends! The restaurant is decorated with in vintage Parisian and it’s honestly a lovely place where you can dress up!


3. Au Festin De Babette Is A Must Try

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4085 Rue Saint Denis

For a gourmet breakfast, this is the place for you! They offer smoked salmon eggs benedict that are accompanied by a salad, scalloped potatoes, soup and chocolate mousse for those who just can't get enough of breakfast food. The food is heavenly and you will be filled up pretty quicl.


4. The Sparrow Is A Must Try

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5322 Boul St-Laurent

For a more low-key hipster breakfast this winter, I suggest heading to The Sparrow. It is the perfect place for a quiet brunch with your closest friends while enjoying delightful food!


5. Spanel Is A Must Try

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1960 Rue Notre-Dame O

To quench your crepe cravings, I suggest heading to Spanel! This little breakfast restaurant is perfect for a crepe addicts! They are served hot and ready every morning!


6. Bistro Le Passé Composé Is A Must Try

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1310 Boul de Maisonneuve E

If you don’t mind waiting in line this winter, then you should check out Le Passé Composé! It is honestly the cure for anything and everything! Their food is so delicious that you are bound to forget about all your worries.


7. Engaufrez-Vous Is A Must Try

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8 Rue Rachel E

Well, waffles are always delicious but when you just wake up tp a cold winter morning they taste extra special. So, make your day a good one with Engaufrez-Vous! Their waffles are crunchy, warm, and darn right amazing all day everyday.


8. Muru Crepe Is A Must Try

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362 Notre Dame E

I recommend getting some sweet chocolate crepes from Muru crepe with your closest friends this winter! It's great for those who have a killer sweet tooth like me! These crepes are honestly to die for at any time of the day but, I will say that they are perfectly paired with a bright and early morning go getter.


9. Arts Cafe Is A Must Try

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201 Avenue Fairmount O

For a stylish vintage cafe breakfast that is perfect for sweet, sweet loving, I recommend checking out Arts Cafe! They serve fabulous breakfast dishes and it is the perfect date location. This cafe is absolutely great for those who can expect a creative day ahead!


10. Beauty’s Luncheonette Is A Must Try

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93 Avenue du Mont-Royal O

For that classic Montreal breakfast dish that you wake up craving on a Sunday morning, this is the place for you. They have had over 50 years of practice so you can expect a master classic breakfast dish when coming here! You can get your bagel game on and enjoy a cool winter morning.


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