The 10 Highest-Paying Jobs In Canada Right Now

According to Statistics Canada
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The 10 Highest-Paying Jobs In Canada Right Now

I just graduated from university and am looking forward to making my way in the world. I love writing, but as I forge a career path with almost no money to my name, it's sometimes fun to indulge in a little job envy.

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Statistics Canada, the government agency charged with compiling and organizing data for both government officials and the general public, publishes annual lists of the highest-paying positions in the country.

"StatCan," as those in-the-know call it, recently released data for the previous twelve months.

So here's a look at the top ten highest-paying jobs in Canada as of now:

10. Real estate agents

Hourly wages: $35.00

Major Canadian cities are notoriously expensive. Even Montreal, which has had an unusually low cost-of-living for decades, is seeing housing costs creeping upwards. The profession that stands to gain the most from unaffordable housing: real estate agents. That's probably why they've cracked the top 10.

9. Producers, directors and choreographers

Hourly wages: $37.05

These are probably the most surprising occupations to make an apperance on this list. While the trope of the struggling visual and performance artists dominates their mainstream portrayals, people with these jobs have been quietly raking in the dough.

8. Pipefitting contractors and supervisors

Hourly wages: $44.20

I think few would be surprised that pipefitting contractors make a whopping $44/hour. Strong unions have great leverage to negotiate high wages.

7. Petroleum supervisors

Hourly wages: $44.35

A petroleum industry profession comes in at numer 7. With vast natural reserves of gas, Canada has seen the industry make huge profits in recent decades. You'll have to go to Alberta to land such a position.

6. Mining supervisors

Hourly wages: $46.70

Three supervisory positions in a row! Mining is extremely dangerous and phsyically exerting so it makes sense their supervisors are paid so much. Spending hours in dark, suffocating caves to ensure work safety sounds like taxing work.

5. Statistical officers

Hourly wages: $46.80

When I saw this job on the list I could only think of the Statistics Canada employee who compiled this data. Of course, this title refers not to government employees but to high-level support positions in business and financial firms.

4. Lawyers and notaries in Quebec

Hourly wages: $57.05

Quebec notaries are the only public servants to make the top 10 highest-paying jobs in Canada. The bureaucracy in Quebec is famous for the unusually high wages it pays its employees. Lawyers nationwide tie with notaries in Quebec for the 4th spot on this list.

3. Chemical engineers

Hourly wages: $59.00

If, like me, you studied the humanities in univeristy, then you've definitely encountered people who encouraged you to go into chemical engineering instead. And for good reason. Our once-peers now make almost $60/hour.

2. Financial managers

Hourly wages: $65.15

Financial managers unsurprisingly come in at the top of this list. There are financial firms all across the country but Toronto is their undisputed epicenter.

1. Specialist physicians

Hourly wages: $70.00

Doctors top the list. While most doctors are essentially public servants in Canada, specialists that have developed a niche in their field make around $70/hour. But is it worth over a decade of studies?


Thomas MacDonald
Senior Editor
Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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