The 10 Montreal Tinder Stereotypes

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The 10 Montreal Tinder Stereotypes

Tinder. We all know of the app. Most of us have probably even downloaded and used it before. And I'm sure we've all found ourselves, at one point or another, alone and bored on a Saturday night, chugging wine and swiping left and right on Montreal's most eligible. Wait, no? Okay, maybe that's just me.

The longer you've been Tindering Montreal guys - and/or girls - the more trends you start to notice. And while in the grand scheme of things you absolutely shouldn't judge a book by its cover.... Tinder was kind of made for those quick judgement calls. Besides, we're Montrealers, judging is kind of what we do.

Here are the 10 Montreal Stereotypes that you'll find in your Tinder profiles.

1. The Champion

This person like to keep active. It says so right in their bio. Skiing at Bromont, jogging three times daily at Mount Royal, biking to work, surfing the St. Lawrence - nothing's off limits for these sporty types. While they might tell you to swipe left if you can't keep up with them, the reality is that they're looking out for you. There's nothing worse than your Tinder date setting up a surprise hike to the summit when the only physical activity you're interested in involves going to the gym for the steam room.

Photo cred - Commerce and Administration Students' Association (CASAJMSB)

2. The JMSB Student

You don't even have to read their bio to know they go to JMSB. Their display pic says it all. Catch the JMSB students of Tinder posing in a suit, or next to a fancy car, or drinking Ciroc straight from the bottle. If you're lucky, they'll be doing all three things at once. JMSB students work hard, but party even harder. So if you're looking for a guaranteed fun time, you know which direction to swipe.

3. The Plateau Hipster

The Ray Bans and fully bearded face are a dead giveaway. The Plateau Hipster probably has some kind of quasi-inspirational quote in their bio, and at least one picture at some Montreal landmark (TamTams especially). Honestly, hipsters gonna hipster, and haters gonna hate. It's just the way of the world.

4. The East End Bro

They come from RDP, Anjou, or St. Leo. And somehow, you just know it. Maybe it's the slightly douchey display picture? Whatever it is, trust me, swiping left on your new friend from the East End is probably a mistake. Take it from a resident: we're awesome.

5. The Habs Fan

Their profile says they like hockey. Their profile picture is of them decked out in full on Habs gear, waving a jersey in the air. Yes, they enjoy the Habs, like any other Montrealer, but they take it to a whole other level. They're passionate. They're committed. They're swipe right material.

6. The Cultural Pride

If the 25 flag emojis weren't enough of a tip-off, this person will probably mention their culture in their bio. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Montreal is a melting pot of different cultures, and everybody's proud of their roots. This person is just a bit more proud. Shine on, friend. Shine on.

7. The South Shore Douchebag

These guys can usually be identified by their display picture from Gold's Gym and lack of bio. Most of their pics are them with hot girls/guys at Quartier Dix 30. If they do have a bio, it's either just one muscle arm emoji, or it mentions their height and/or job. Pretentious? Maybe. But the South Shore Douchebag knows what Tinder is all about. No bullshit needed.

8. The McGill Student

Question: how do you know someone goes to McGill? Answer: don't worry, they'll tell you. Alright, that was a terrible joke. But it's also a little true. The McGill students of Tinder will definitely let you know it, which is probably for the better. If it's during the semester, your McGill match is probably going to be a little frazzled - after all, they're working hard. But during the summer? Well, nobody knows how to have a good time quite like a McGill student.

9. The West Island Gal

Resourceful A.F - because if you're living in the West Island, you kind of have to be - the West Island Gal knows how to have a good time even if there's nothing fun to do. She'll make her own fun. Bonus points if her description has a peace sign emoji somewhere in it. Whatever the case is, swiping right is a very good decision.

10. The Laval Party Girl

Or possibly the Laval Party Guy. Either way, their display pic is them at Moombas. They're also probably surrounded by their friends, so you can't tell who's who. And they like to party. Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not. You're only young once, and now's the time to enjoy your youth. But if you do match with them, be prepared. They know how to have a good time.

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