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The Top 10 Sexiest Montreal Alouettes Players

The smile on #5 is everything.
The Top 10 Sexiest Montreal Alouettes Players

Move over Habs, 'cause there's another Montreal sports team making us daydream and drool this summer. The Montreal Alouettes are our resident CFL team, and they just so happen to feature a number of sexy athletes who you'll wanna see hustling on the field all day, every day. Just imagine how steamy that locker room must get. These guys work hard all year round to get themselves prepared for the season, and it shows - these studs are JACKED!

The Alouettes  have proven their worth in the CFL, taking home the Grey Cup in both 2009 and 2010. They always put in an insane amount of effort to make our city proud and give the fans what they deserve. With enough support, they might just pull through and win the Grey cup once again! With the season's opening game on the June 25th, a little introduction is in order: here are the ten sexiest players on the Montreal Alouettes.

Photo cred- The Imagist

1. Brandon London

This former New York Giant is now a wide receiver on the Alouettes. London is so damn gorgeous that he's also a model signed to Boss Models in New York. The Virginia-born football star also played for the Miami Dolphins, and had a short lived career on the Pittsburgh Steelers. He does some acting here and there as well, making him a versatile triple threat!

Photo cred- Journal de Montreal

2. Kyries Hebert

Hebert, an Alouettes linebacker, was formerly an NFL player for teams like the Cincinnati Bengals and the Houston Texans. He is a respected philanthropist who founded the Ky Cares Foundation, which raises money through galas for important causes including breast cancer research and education for underprivileged kids. In 2013, he received the Tom Pate Memorial Award, which is given to players who exhibit exceptional sportsmanship and make important contributions to their team and community.

Photo cred- Journal De Montreal

3. Samuel Giguere

Quebec native Samuel Giguere is an Alouette's wide receiver, and has the biggest biceps I have ever seen. This guy is fit as fvck! He played in the NFL for the Indiana Colts, as well as the New York Giants. Like a true athlete, football is not his only passion. Giguere is an active member on our National Bobsleigh team and finished top 10 in the 2012 World Cup. He also has an adorable daughter who is the star of his Instagram account!

Photo cred- Twitter

4. Kyler Elsworth

Elsworth was born in Michigan and stayed close to home for University, attending Michigan State. He made headlines last year after dishing out some hate on the Michigan State student section for leaving a game early when losing to Ohio State during a major Big Ten conference game. Elsworth was the Michigan Spartans MVP after winning the Rose Bowl back in 2014.

Photo cred- Blackburn News

5. Daryl Townsend

Daryl Townsend is a defensive back on the Alouettes, with a smile that will make your heart melt. I mean come on, check out those pearly whites! He is a resident CFL athlete, signing with both the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the past. Townsend discusses publically how he benefitted from playing football. As a child from a working class family, he praises sports as the reason he stayed out of trouble and got to where he is today.

Photo cred- RDS

6. Chip Cox

Chip Cox is a linebacker, formerly signed with the Detroit Lions and Washington Redskins. Cox is proof that sometimes, like fine wine, athletes get better with age. He had his best season in 2013 with a career high, winning both the CFL's Most Outstanding Defensive Player Award and the James P. McCaffrey Trophy. In December 2014, Cox signed a three year contract worth $200,000, making him the highest paid defensive player in the CFL!

Photo cred- APK Mod Game

7. James Rodgers

Formerly an Atlanta Falcon, James Rodgers is the adorable athlete you need in your life! He attended Oregon state University, where his football career began. Football must run in the family, as his uncle is former safety Michael Lewis, and his brother, Jacquizz Rodgers, is a running back on the Chicago Bears.

Photo cred- CBC

8. John Bowman

Bowman is a Brooklyn native who plays defense for the Al's. He was never drafted to the NFL but showed he is a valuable CFL player, receiving the CFL All-Star award in 2010, and the CFL East All-Star award in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014. He has also won two Grey Cups since joining the Alouettes. If you ever want to get on his good side, the key to his heart is lemon meringue!

Photo cred- Huffington Post

9. Michael Sam

Michael Sam is a defensive end who was drafted seventh overall in the 2014 NFL draft. He is the very first openly gay player to have been drafted to both the NFL and CFL, and has been making headlines all over the world due to his decision to be an openly gay athlete. He was signed to the St. Louis Rams prior to joining the Alouettes. Michael Sam and the Rams were both recognized by President Obama for taking important steps towards accepting LGBT athletes.

Sam is no stranger to hard times, witnessing one of his brothers bleed out from a gunshot wound, while another one of his brothers has been missing since 1998, and his two other brothers are both in prison. At one point he was even living out of his mother's car. His fate with the Alouettes seems to hang in the balance, as there is much speculation around his reason for leaving training camp as well as his apparent suspension. Hopefully he will stick around and help lead the Al's to victory!

Photo cred- Montreal Alouettes

10. Carl Volny

Carl Volny is Montreal born and raised running back who has previously played for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He played football at Central Michigan University before joining the CFL. He loves the show Orange Is The New Black, and he's a huge Lebron James fan, tweeting his support for the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the playoffs (about that… tough luck boys).

Bonus: Nicolas Boulay

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