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The 10 Most Hated Tim Hortons Items In Canada

We're looking at you, chicken strips...
The 10 Most Hated Tim Hortons Items In Canada

While many Canadians would die without their daily donut and double-double, there are some menu items at Tim Hortons that many argue should just straight up not be there.

Below are the most hated Tim Horton's items, things that never lived up to the hype or were just consistently a let down for our fellow Canadians.

TL;DR Some of Tim Hortons menu choices (we're looking at you, chicken strips) are just a straight-up mystery. Below are the 10 most hated Tim Horton's menu items in Canada accoding to Twitter reactions and media coverage.

I look to Tim Hortons like a ship seeks out a lighthouse in the dead of night. When I'm craving a late-night snack or need lunch on a budget, Tim's is often the go-to spot.

However, there are certainly some questionable items on the menu, and Twitter has sounded-off on which Tim Horton's items are the 10 most hated by Canadians.

1. The Hashbrowns

While I will be the first to say hashbrowns are a gift from the gods, I will also be the first to say I will likely never order one at Tim Horton's ever again.

They justaren't good!

Went to @TimHortons to get myself some coffee, a simply sausage buscuit, and a hashbrown... Opened up the simply sausage biscuit and threw the hashbrown on top. Go and take a bite... CRUNCH. Can't even bite through the hashbrown!! Rediculus.

January 6, 2019

I wanted to love them with all my heart!

But instead, I just wanted to go to McDonald's and give myself the blessing I truly craved, not a burnt, chewy wannabe.

2. The Wraps

Another addition after the purchase by Burger King, the wraps at Tim Hortons rarely get any love.

Keeping in mind that fast-food or quick-service establishments are exactly that, it's fair to hope for some kind of quality assurance.

3. The Chicken Strips

These new additions got a TON of attention upon release...

And none of it was positive.

Tim Horton's seems to continuously fall short of their attempts to compete with McDonald's... which is pretty sad because if Tim's had just stuck to what they did best, coffee and donuts, then maybe people wouldn't have been so quick to switch to McD's coffee in the first place.

4. The "Specialty" Drinks

Leave the fancy stuff to Starbucks and stop trying to make fetch happen.

It's never going to happen, Tims.

While I'm sure many people appreciate the addition of fun and sugar-filled drinks, I think it's safe to say the coffee-basics chain is a little out of their depth with these ones.

5. The Coffee In General

I hate to say it, but I, too, am one of those who has officially switched to the McDonald's camp.

When I'm not making coffee for myself at home, McD's is my new go-to cheap cup of joe...

It truly is because I felt the quality of Tim's has dropped drastically in the last couple years, and clearly, I'm not alone.

6. The Lids

While not a food item, the lids are by far one of the most despised things sold at Tim Horton's.

They recently tried to change the lids so they would spill less, and guess what?

They might be worse than the original ones!

7. The Bagels

One of the simplest, most straightforward things on the menu...

And they still manage to mess it up.

While I swear by an everything bagel with plain cream cheese, I have to agree with the first tweet...

Some days it saves my life, and other times it will literally ruin my day.

8. The Breakfast Sandwiches

One of many breakfast staples that Tim Hortons has managed to mess up...

Whether it's just a fail while making the sandwich or poor execution during the development stages, Tim's attempt at an English muffin-based breakfast sammy seems to often disappoint Canadians.

9. The Poutine

The fact that they tried to deliver this Quebecois delight on wedges instead of the proper, hand-cut fries is only the first issue.

Tim's needs to learn how to stay in their lane.

Don't mess with Canadian icons like the delicious and dynamic dish, la poutine.

10. The Tiramisu Donuts

We gotta give the guys kudos for always trying new things...

But as I've said, over and over again, they need to know when to stop.

Cut your losses, Timmies, and leave tiramisu alone.

Stick to Boston Creams and everyone will be happy.

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