The 10 Most Insane Botanical Gardens Across Canada You Have To Visit Once In Your Life

You'll be stopping to smell many roses.
The 10 Most Insane Botanical Gardens Across Canada You Have To Visit Once In Your Life

Bonus: The Cover Photo  features The Butchart Gardens in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia.

Living in an urban city we don't get a lot of opportunities to spend time in nature. It's important once in a while to reconnect with the natural environment around us.

The perfect way to do this is to explore a botanical garden. Botanical gardens are hidden, dreamy places where you can feel like you've entered into a different world. You can sit in a gazebo laced with colourful roses, dip into a waterfall, or walk through a different climate in a dome filled with butterflies or birds.

A botanical garden is a beautiful oasis where you can escape into nature!

1. VanDusen Botanical Gardens, British Colombia

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This botanical garden is one you should definitely go to Vancouver to see. It features a giant hedge maze, a carbon neutral "living-building" and so so many beautiful things to see. They have bonds with fountains, waterfalls, and gorgeous flowers. If you want to spend a few hours wondering through a magical garden, this is the one to go to.

2. Devonian Botanical Garden, Alberta

51227 AB-60

Located on the University of Alberta campus, this botanical garden is used as a research station featuring plants from all over the world. They have a tropical greenhouse where you can admire some beautiful butterflies or you can head over to the Kurimoto Japanese garden. This botanical garden allows you to experience many different types of ecosystems. Don't miss this one!

3. Les Jardins de Métis/Reford Gardens, Quebec

200 QC-132, Grand-Métis

This botanical garden holds a perfect microclimate for rare plants and birds. They also are home to a bird sanctuary. You can walk through the paths and see some crazy architecture such as the elivated garden pictured above and many more! With an adorable gazebo to take a midday break in this botanical garden you've got to visit.

4. Whistling Gardens, Ontario

698 Concession 3 Townsend

This botanical garden is an amazing spot in Ontario. It features over 4,000 different plants all spread out through 6 major gardens. They have amazing gardens filled with flowers that you can admire all day long! Also plan to see the choreographed fountain show while you're there.

5. Montreal Botanical Garden, Quebec

4101 Rue Sherbrooke E

A beautiful botanical garden is located right here in Montreal! The Montreal Botanical Garden features 10 different greenhouses and over 20 themed gardens, there's so much to see here it's almost insane. Some of the gardens feature tropical plants, some medicinal plants, and others many types of colourful flowers!

6. Bloedel Conservatory, British Colombia

4600 Cambie St

Featuring a huge temperature-controlled dome, this botanical garden is home to over 200 birds, free to fly around as much as their hearts desire. You can spend time admiring the unique bird specie as they fly above your head. Aside from the dome, Bloedel Conservatory has many beautiful gardens to explore outdoors.

7. Muttart Conservatory, Alberta

9626 96a St NW

This botanical garden is insanely unique. They feature different ecosystem each in their own giant glass pyramid! You will find unique ecosystems and beautiful flowers such as the hydrangeas in the picture above!

8. Toronto Botanical Gardens

777 Lawrence Ave E

The Toronto Botanical Gardens offers a nature oasis in the heart of a big city. You can see many different birds, such as owls or you can walk around by the ponds and waterfalls! See beautiful flowers and plants in this urban space.

9. Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens, Nova Scotia

The main attraction at this botanical garden is roses, hundreds of them! They hold an annual rose festival as well. This garden has many flowers other than roses as well so you can get some variety. The garden also overlooks the tidal river valley.

10. Assinboine Park Conservatory, Manitoba

55 Pavilion Crescent

This botanical garden features several climate-controlled environments such as the Tropical Palm House. This garden is a green paradise for all of you nature lovers out there!

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