The 10 Richest People In Montreal

The source of their wealth might surprise you.
The 10 Richest People In Montreal

With a high quality-of-life and low cost-of-living, Montreal is not the city people mention when they think of homes for the ultra-rich.

But with multiple billionaires, the city is actually has its fair share of extreme wealth.

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Here are the top 11 richest people in Montreal:

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11. Aldo Bensadoun

Net worth: $2.03 billion

The man whose first name hangs above the entrances of his world-famous shore store calls Montreal his home. Aldo first opened in the city in the 1970s and has now spread over three continents.

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10. Marcel Adams

Net worth: $2.05 billion

Adams' company, Iberville Developments, is a now major player in Canadian real estate. But his life has had an astonishing trajectory. He survived a Nazi concentration camp and worked as a tanner in Québec city before entering real estate.

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9. Stephen Jarislowsky

Net worth: $2.11 billion

Jarislowsky's self-titled investment-counselling firm handles tens of billions of dollars. But the billionaire is also a major philanthopist and supporter of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

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8. Robert Miller

Net worth: $2.11 billion

Miller is the head of software company Future Electronics. He founded the successful business at the computer industry was beginning to take off and has rode its wave ever since.

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7. Guy Laliberté

Net worth: $2.14 billion

The founder of Montreal-based Cirque du Soleil enjoys the colossal earnings gained from the company's unique spectacles. But Laliberté began his career as a street performer in Québec City.

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6. Larry Rossy

Net worth: $2.52 billion

It's counterintuitive to think Dollarama could lead to so much wealth. But of course the hugely popular store has made billions in profits. Dollarama chairman Larry Rossy recently passed the CEO position to his son Neil, the fourth generation of the Rossy family to head the chain.

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5. The Bombardier Family

Net worth: $2.87 billion

Eight members of the Bombardier family share 54% of the company of the same name that manufactures airplanes. The founder of Bombardier got his start with the invention of the snow mobile. Where would Canada be now without it?

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4. Jean Coutu

Net worth: $3.2 billion

Yes, that Jean Coutu. Though he sold the pharmacy chain this year for $4.5 billion.

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3. The Azrieli Family

Net worth: $5.83 billion

The Azrieli wealth comes from the Azrieli Group, another real estate company. The Azrieli Foundation funds Holocaust education and Jewish cultural preservation. The new center at the Montreal Jewish General Hospital dedicated to heart research was funded by a gift from members of the family.

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2. The Desmarais Family

Net worth: $8.38 billion

The Desmarais family oversees its financial management company, Power Corp. of Canada. The new Pavilion for Peace at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is officially named after the Desmarais family, whose monetary gift to the museum funded the expansion.

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1. Lino Saputo

Net worth: $10.41 billion

The Saputo family wealth comes from its eponymous company that sells dairy products(!). So it makes sense they are based in Québec. The company is the largest cheese-seller in Canada.