The Top 10 Sexiest Montreal Professionals In Uniforms

Because we love a man in uniform.
The Top 10 Sexiest Montreal Professionals In Uniforms

It's proven that a man in a uniform actually triggers a *hot alert* in a woman's brain. Think of it as the same effect when hearing the roaring engine of a Lamborghini, or catching the scent of Blue by Chanel.

Let's give a hand of applause to the hunks who wear their uniforms better than Leonardo did in "Catch me if you can". Ladies, please don't attack these guys next time they're burning out fires, or winning a case in court.

Warning: It's about to get really hot in here.

Photo Creds - George Kontogiannis


Sexiest award goes to...George Kontogiannis. He works for the Service de Securite Incendie of Montreal.

Photo Creds - Royal Canadian Air Force

Air Force Pilot

Captain Sebastien Gorelov’s hometown is Montreal. He's an airforce pilot from 425 Tactical Fighter Squadron (a unit in the Royal Canadian Air Force).

Photo Creds - @davecenzo

Respiratory Therapist

David Crescenzo.

Photo Creds - Mathieu Nadeau


Mathieu Nadeau is an Engineer that works in scenography.

Photo Creds - Bell Media

Police Officer

So turns out the SPVM likes to stay private. So here is Jared Keeso (left) and Ben Chartier (right) who are acting as Montreal Police officers for the television series 19-2.

Photo Creds - nhlpa

Hockey Player

Because being an athlete is considered a profession. Marco Scandella is a Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman currently playing for the Minnesota Wild of the National Hockey League. He is born and raised in Montreal.

Photo Creds - Canada

Canadian Soldier

Fighting for our country. Canadian Army Corporal, Jonathan Jacobs.

Photo Creds - Amiram Avitan


Amiram Avitan is the best looking dentist from Montreal. He's presently working in Bruxelles, but don't worry ladies, he will be back in our city very soon.

Photo Creds - Andrea Rosati

Aviation Engineer

Carlo Spano is a Mechanical Engineer. He graduated from McGill University and is a project engineer at Air Canada. No ladies, he's not single... and his girlfriend is really hot too. #justsaying.

Photo Creds - grondinsavares


Paul Mathieu Grondin is a lawyer that specializes in Civil, Constitutional and labour law. Talk about causing heat in a courtroom.