The 10 Streets In Montreal You Are Most Likely To Get Your Car Broken Into

Never, ever, ever park here... EVER!
The 10 Streets In Montreal You Are Most Likely To Get Your Car Broken Into

There's nothing more depressing than heading out to your car only to find out it has been broken into or stolen.

Unfortunately this happens to hundreds of Montrealers every year.

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Of course some areas are more dangerous than others, so it's important to know the spots to avoid if you care about your car.

We broke the list down into 2 parts.

The first list names the spots where your car is most likely to get broken in to and the second list names all the spots where your car is likely to get stolen. The data collected is from January 2015 to September 2016.

Top 10 Spots where Cars Get Broken Into In Montreal

1. Galeries d'Anjou 

102 Break-ins


Malls in general are dangerous because people leave a lot of valuables and recent purchases in their cars.

2. Côte-de-Liesse

89 Break-ins


This 1 km stretch of highway is practically abandoned at night, and there are a ton of hotels and airport parking lots.

3. Palais de Justice

82 Break-ins


Hmm, doesn't sound like justice to me.

4. Avenue Cedar

70 Break-ins


A huge hospital parking lot and the fact that this street is totally isolated on one side makes this a very dangerous post for cars.

5. Place Vertu

62 Break-ins


The second most popular mall for break-ins.

6. Place Versailles

60 Break-ins


Yet another mall, starting to see a pattern yet?

7. Mont Royal Cemetary

38 Break-ins


It seems pretty cruel but when people are grieving at the cemetery, they pay less attention to their cars.

8. Stanley and De Maisonneuve

37 Break-ins


This is actually one of the places my car was broken in to.

9. Jarry and Léonard-De Vinci

36 Break-ins


Take note: If there are parking lots and businesses, but no residences, don't leave your car there.

10. IKEA

30 Break-ins


And you thought having to shop at IKEA was frustrating enough.

Top 10 Spots Where Cars Get Stolen In Montreal

1. 2. 3. Cote de Liesse Parking Lots

202 Stolen Vehicles


You read that right, this place has so many break-ins it took the top 3 spots on our list.

4. Place Versailles

44 Stolen Vehicles


This place is great for car thieves since you can make a quick escape on the highway.

5. Corner Beaulac and Place Robert-Joncas

28 Stolen Vehicles


Note to self: Avoid hotel hotel parking lots located near highways. you might as well hand you keys over to the criminals.

6. Galeries d'Anjou

19 Stolen Vehicles


At this point, maybe you should just never go to mall ever.

7. 52e Avenue

18 Stolen Vehicles


The Holiday Inn near the airport really needs to step up their safety game.

8. Carrefour Angrignon

17 Stolen Vehicles


God damn malls.

9. Olympic Stadium

15 Stolen Vehicles


I'm just surprised anyone goes to the Olympic stadium at all.

10. Corner Norman and Croissant Claire

13 Stolen Vehicles


Parking lots, businesses and warehouses. Now you're just asking for it.

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