10 Types Of People You See At Montreal's Piknic Electronik

#4 The guy who's high on life.
10 Types Of People You See At Montreal's Piknic Electronik

Open from May to September, Piknic is the perfect place to go on Sundays if you are down to drink, dance and party with your friends in the sun. But sadly the last Piknic of the summer is this Sunday.

Piknic is also the place where people from all different walks of life come together to enjoy and embrace the sounds of music. That being said, with diversity comes your common 'cliques' that are sure to be found in the crowd. So, here are the ten different types of people you saw dancing under the sun, or rain, this summer at Piknic Electronik.

1. The "I'll pretend this is Osheaga"

Montreal hosts some amazing music festivals like Osheaga. But people need to realize that Piknic IS NOT Osheaga. There's a difference in the two, Osheaga being a mix of different artists and music genres, while Piknic is, well, Piknic. So, you might see some people wearing there flower crowns and hippy skirts, all while being bored with the choice of deep house beats.

2. The Selfie Takers

This is self-explanatory. Almost everyone at Piknic falls into this category, whether you want to accept it or not.

3. The Alcoholic

Day drinking is the best. So, imagine day drinking which turns to night drinking with your favorite people to some amazing beats. That's what I call, the good life. You'll come to see though that some people take this a bit too far at Piknic, and are black-out-wasted half way through the day. Have a drink, or a bucket of drinks, but try to control yourself. After all, you want to enjoy your day, right?

4. The High on Life

With music and alcohol, comes the possibility for people being high. Beware of people being high on life at Piknic. Mind you, most of them are chilling and couldn't care less about what's happening around them. Just let them live.

5. The "I think I'm going to a club"

You will come to realize that when you go to Piknic, you want to be comfortable. You'll be dancing and chilling all day in the sun, maybe rain, so you want to be sure you're not wearing anything that'll make you too hot or cold. However, not everyone thinks like that. You may very likely catch a couple people at piknic wearing a full face of makeup, hair done perfectly, with the perfect outfit for Saturday night club hopping. Talk about a real trooper.

6. The Music Lover

Piknic has some of the best DJs. So you'll be sure to find music lovers, who are huge fans/groupies of the DJ. You'll also find those people who think, and possibly do, know every beat that the DJ is playing.

7. The People-Watcher

No matter where you go, there is always those awkward people-watchers. Those particular people who just love to stand around and stare. It's uncomfortable for everyone, but they can't seem to stop. Don't let them phase you, keep doing you. You're having fun while they're watching you have fun #winning.

8. The Family

You might find yourself partying it up at Piknic with a family and kids. It's cool - they're just as into the music as you are. Or there's also the young family, they may have a baby with them, but they're still smoking a joint.

9. The Tourist

I've come to realize that it's pretty easy to tell a Montrealer from a tourist. It's even easier at Piknic. Tourists are either awkwardly standing around, unsure on what the hell is going on, taking selfies with actual cameras, wearing a fanny-pack or simply speaking with a unique accent you can't help but hear. Lucky for them, Montrealers are so great that they will definitely have a good time.

10. The Early Bird

You don't want to get to Piknic too early. You want to make sure you arrive at a decent time, when there are enough people for the vibe to be on-point. I guess it really depends on your character and what you're vibing that day, but all-in-all, you don't want to be the first people there. But you'll always find those groups of friends who are eagerly waiting in line to get into Piknic, before it even opens.

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