The $100 A Day Montreal Job You Would Be Stupid To Pass Up

Photo cred - Goda

The job market in Montreal is tough these days but luckily for you, there's no shortage of odd job listings on Craigslist and Kijiji. Every once in awhile you come across a job that sounds too good to be true, so when we came across a listing for a housekeeper with a cash salary of 100$ a day and an annual raise with 2 weeks vacation, we figured there had to be a catch. And there was, you have to perform the job naked.

It seems the owner of the condo likes to be naked when she's at home and so you have to be naked too, which is just common courtesy if you think about it. Some might even view it as a bonus, as long as her condo is properly heated. One thing that might make the job trickier is the fact that your duties require you play with the dog and take him for a walk, we're just hoping your new boss will let you put some pants on for that part of the job.

Here's the actual job listing and you can find a full translation below.

Photo cred - Craigslist

Nudist Butler

I am looking for a man to do some housekeeping work at my Condo in the Old Port. I am looking for a full-time employee to work from Tuesday to Saturday. Your tasks will include:



Walking, feeding and playing with the dog in my absence.

Cooking. (I don't require a chef but someone with basic cooking knowledge.)

Watering the plants on the terrasse.

During holidays, I head for my house in Charlevoix . The person I hire must complete their tasks even when I am not there.

Other tasks may be required.

I offer a 100$ base salary, with a raise every year and 2 weeks vacation. There is a possibility of being a live-in with your own bedroom and bathroom.

Most important, when I am home I am naked and so I would like the person I hire to be naked too.

Send me your qualification and attach a picture with your reply.