The $100 An Hour Montreal Job You Would Be Stupid To Pass Up

Photo cred - Raging Wire

I've heard of a crazy cat lady, but a crazy aquarium lady? Apparently there's a least one out there because this woman has 6 (that's right, 6!) giant aquariums. Is there even any room left for a bed in that apartment? She may be crazy but at least she pays well, 100$ a day for one hour of work.

Now when she says you have to clean the aquarium so we're assuming she needs you to grab a snorkel and go diving inside a giant tank with a squeegee in your hand. (at least that's what we want to imagine). There's one catch though, she says that her fish are really expensive and that if you kill one of them you have to pay for it. But who cares at $700 a week, you can afford to take that risk.

We're not sure why she wants you to send a picture though, perhaps she wants to inspect the physique of the man she'll be salaciously gazing upon as he cleans her aquarium. Or maybe she doesn't want her fish to interact with ugly people. Either if you have aquarium experience (whatever the fuck that means) this job's for you.

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